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About Ami-Media.net:

Welcome to Ami-Media.net. This is a multi-purpose website which showcases a variety of work by the author of this site, and provides an on-line resource for HSC Study Guides, Music Information, Computers, IRC Channels, and more.

This site is best viewed in any HTML 4.01 Compatible Browser, but at a minimum requires a frames-capable browser. The site has been designed to work on everything from Lynx upto most major browsers on most platforms out there.

4th May 2003: You can now check out the following Psychedelic Trance related things in the Other section: Pictures from Tribeadelic NYE 2002/03 Party, my Psytrance CD Collection, and information about my Psytrance Net Radio show PsyKe Out.
4th November 2002: Web Site finally re-vamped with a completely new site design, and new global navigation system. The site maintains cross-browser and cross-platform compatability. We hope you like the new design.
30th October 2002: DVD Site Page Updated. All the latest DVD's and Video's have now been added to the page, as well as some new cover images from different movies.
9th July 2002: Added new sections to the site publically
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