May 1999
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Hello ShapeShifter fans,

NOTE: This site is no longer (and hasn't been for quite some time) updated. But please feel free to make as much use of the stuff you find here as possible!

This is a web page dedicated to users of the Macintosh Emulation software ShapeShifter, and as well now for users of Fusion. This site originated from Colin Thompson's now long defunct Amiga Alley web site.

I will do my best to maintain this site and keep it as up to date as possible (where time permits). Over time, the graphics of this page may change, so might the layout.

If you have an Emulator-specific inquiry I would recommend going to a newsgroup like comp.sys.amiga.emulation.

Current Mac Emulation News:


MacOnLinux and Basilisk II

MacOnLinux is a Macintosh emulator for Linux based PowerPC Machines including the AmigaOne, those with a PowerPC based machine interested in emulating a modern PPC Mac should check it out.

Basilisk II is still around as well, and is still a 68k emulator, but now exists on Mac OSX as well as the Amiga, Windows, and UNIX/Linux and BeOS. The website for that is here. The last release of Basilisk II (for the Amiga and other platforms) being V0.9-1!

ShapeShifter 3.11

This is the final release (ever?) for this Amiga Mac 68k Emulator. New features being: Fixed MacOS 8 Finder file copy bug, and Disabled 68060 Super Bypass mode because of a CPU bug that is triggered by MacOS 8. You can find it still over at the ShapeShifter Website

Microcode Solutions has just announced a trial pre-ordering for a PowerPC/PowerMac version of their Macintosh Emulator Fusion (and a PowerPC version of their PC emulator PCx). They need 500 pre-orders for it to happen. The price is far from being cheap (has any emulator ever been THIS expensive befor), but considering for the price it gives you, you can run OS 8.6 and all PowerMac and ClassicMac applications in existance. To check out more informatiton and to make your pre-order click here.

ShapeShifter 3.10 out

Once again the author of the marvellous ShapeShifter, Christian Bauer, has released what looks to be the last update of his Macintosh Emulator ShapeShifter for the Amiga. Fear not though, as he is combining his BeOS and AmigaOS coding abilities to bring to you, a multi-platform Macintosh emulator, which I am sure will only result in further development of this emulator over time. (More on this later) The biggest two pieces of news which come with this release is the emulator is now completely free. The other big bit of news is it now finally support Mac OS 8 (a 1mb ROM is required to use OS 8 though). And finally, one other bit of good news for graphic card owners, Picasso96 PIP (15 bit screens) is now used in "Amiga Window" mode when available.

ShapeShifter Replacement - Basilisk II

From the author of ShapeShifter comes the multi-platform Macintosh emulator called Basilisk II, an Open Source 68k Mac emulator for the Amiga, BeOS, Unix, and Windows. You can find it's homepage here.

To download Basilisk II V0.5 (25/4/99) source and AmigaOS/BeOS executables directly from this page, click here (935k). For the moment though I would recommend people use ShapeShifter over this version. As this is currently an Alpha-stage emulator only.

PowerMac Emulation?

One thing many an Amiga PowerPC user has been craving and asking for, for a while now has been a PowerMacintosh emulator for the Amiga. At first a survey was put together to ask for ShapeShifter to be ported to PPC, then the authors of Fusion were asked the same. Fusion's authors commented that they would love to do the port, but those who made the decisions decided it to be unviable (although it is presumable that they were not really too enthused on any further Amiga products, so it would've taken alot more than economically feasible number to make it happen).

...And there was light?

Well maybe. From the author of ShapeShifter comes SheepShaver (yes, the names do get more bizzare). A PowerMac emulator BeOS/PPC and soon LinuxPPC. Those Amigans running LinuxPPC on their Amiga can look foward to PowerMac emulation in the near future. But the question remains, what of a port to AmigaOS? Well hopefully in time this may happen. If you would like to see this happen, I suggest you visit the SheepShaver Home Page, and e-mail the author stateing you want it ported to the Amiga.

Older News:

FUSION 2 Available

FUSION, another Macintosh Emulator for the Amiga from the makers of the old Emplant Macintosh Hardware based Emulators and the hardware free versions of Emplant, Emplant 1200 and Emplant Lite, have released this new emulator which claims to do alot of things ShapeShifter 3.9 doesn't, including support for MacOS 8. (Although Shapeshifter 3.9's read me DOES state MacOS8 support WILL come later). This right now I would call the leading emulator out there for those willing to spend the extra dollars, but ShapeShifter still remains the best value for money.

Fusion is by Microcode Solutions.

If you have a question about it I suggest you visit the Blittersoft Fusion Home Page which includes more in-depth information available as well as FAQ's and other information.

ShapeShifter News:

Version 3.9 is now available.

Although Fusion has had numerous updates since the release of ShapeShifter 3.8 and in general probably still remains superior this releases comes as welcome to all existing ShapeShifter users out there. The changes in this release include few, yet handy changes:
* Can boot from CD-ROM
* FileDisks are faster
* Some fixes in the serial and CD-ROM drivers
* Ethernet packets are always padded to 60 bytes

Version 3.8 is now available.

I do know that the Mac OS8 cannot be used with SS yet. Don't try. OS8, when booting looks to see what system and processor you have. When it sees IIci, and an 040, it thinks this is impossible, so it stops.

I have heard that Christian is working on a fix for this. As I understand the process, some flags need to be reset... Wait for the fix.

Jean Klos is changing servers now. He has no WWW site at the moment. However, you can still get to his files via F T P

Other News: Those of us lucky enough to own a PowerPC Amiga will in the future be able to run PowerMac and 68k Macintosh Applications and Games through Fusion and possibly Shapeshifter. Right now though those of you with a PowerPC should check out Aminet for a range of PowerPC utilities, including a MacHQX archiver utility made specifically for PowerPC Amigas.


ShapeShifter - FAQs and Guides - Video Drivers - Utilities
Web Sites - Apple Support Sites - Netscape Navigator
Mac Links - Mac Programs - Mac NewsGroups
ShapeShifter310.lha The latest version - 281K
(Note: You may need to hold down SHIFT to grab the archive)
Readme The README includes the minimum requirements for running ShapeShifter.
FAQs and Guides Joachim Dueßen's Guide Klaatu's ShapeShifter Guide and FAQ 1.3. AmigaGuide format.
ShapeShifter on an A600 How to install ShapeShifter on an Amiga 600
A Survey for PowerUp Should Christian write a PowerPC native version? (Note: This survey is probably over)

Game Compatibility Chart Two different Mac game compatability listings
Game Compatibility Chart

Shapeshifter via UAE FAQ by xfact0r

Video Drivers
War has broken out. The battle field is Video Drivers. The last battle has not been fought, but the contestants are slugging it out daily. The winners are you and I. Savage and TurboEVD have new versions out now. Try them both. I ran Speedometer on both of the under identical conditions. They are the SAME! - regardless of the hype you read in their docs:) Both are very good. Here's the Speedometer Test . The biggest difference seems to be that Savage has a 15 bit mode and TurboEVD doesn't (yet). The author tells me he is working on a 15 bit display along with a MUI prefs editor.

TurboEVD.lha For 040/060 AGA Amigas. Brand new! 2, 4, 16, 256 colors. Freeware.

Savage040-060.lha NEW! It seems as fast as TurboEVD. This is a 256 color, 512x384 AGA demo. No time limit. Up through 15 bit displays. $10 shareware.
Savage030Demo.lha Savage 030/MMU Shareware Demo

AmigaAGA-EVD11.lha15bit & faster 8bit driver for ShapeShifter
AmigaAGA-EVD12.lha 15bit & faster 4/8bit driver for ShapeShifter

agaboost030ec.lha V0.94. AGA video drivers for ShapeShifter

FastECS040.lha ECS Amiga EVDs. Requires MMU.
rtz2dv11.lha Retina Z2-driver V1.1 EVD
RGBAevd.lha PiccoSD64 & Co. EVDs
a2410evd.lha A2410 EVD
CyberWB_EVD.lha CyberGraphics EVD
SD64evd.lha PiccoloSD64 EVD

m2a.lha Ascii Mac / Amiga file translator
MacRomTest.lha Shows version and verifies Mac ROMs.
SS.KMap.usa1.lha Mac KeyMap that allows the use of the tilde (~) key.
mac2ni Rips or converts Mac rsrc icons and converts them to New Icons.
MacJoy13.lha Joystick and Pad adaptor
empcd13.lha CDROM driver
amimactools10a.lha Binhex and other unarchiving utils for the Amiga side.
BinHex374 Binhexer for the Amiga side
MacWhack Removes first 128 bytes from a Mac file.
Want to search for more ShapeShifter-related things on Aminet? Click here!
Web Sites
Here's an easy way to search the AmiNet. Thanks to Christer Bjarnemo for the search form.

Not Case Sensitive Case Sensitive
WUSTL AmiNet's misc/emu directory Shop til you drop. It's all here.

ShapeShifter's Official Home Page Christian Bauer's home page. The mother lode. Links to EVD developer files, and other ShSh sites.

Basilik II Official Home Page Christian Bauer's Multiplatform (Amiga, BeOS, Unix, Windows) Mac-68k Emulator Home page.

UnOfficial ShapeShifter Site Extensive site, with downloadable files and documentation. You can download SSBootFile1 from this site. (Mac OS 7.0.1) and 7.5 Bootfiles (this version will require you to have a license though).

Chris Schnurr's Shapshifter Page
Good resources page, but the site has not been updated for some time.

Apple Support Sites
Apple Computer Main WWW site
Apple Computer Main FTP site

SYS 7.0.1 FTP System 7.0.1, and the System Tune-Up, which upgrades 7.0.1 to 7.1.
Apple Software Updates US FTP site. Start here to get Apple System software, including Sys 7.5.3 and the Net Install to 7.5.5.
Apple Tech Info Library Searchable by keyword. Solve your Mac problems here.
The Game Source Mac Game available here.

Netscape Navigator
FTP download 3.5 MB BIN file Netscape Navigator 3.01 bin
FTP download 5 MB HQX file Netscape Navigator 3.01 hqx - 3.01 requires 16MB to run.
Mac Links
RECENT InfoMac Recent uploads
Info-Mac Root MIT's main Mac archive.
UMich Mac archives
CUCUG Mac pages and links. Good starting point.
Ziff Davis ZDNET's Mac Shareware
VersionTracker Latest version info on 400 Mac programs. Good Mac links.
The Well Connected Mac A complete site of Mac software, usegroups, websites, mailing lists, magazines and more.
Mac Faq You have questions? They have the answers. A full list of all emulators that run on the Mac.
Mac Programs
These are some of my favorite programs. I believe they all run under 7.0.1

Speedometer Mac system performance monitor. Like AIBB.
Menu Shade Like the Amiga's FullBench. Hides the title bar.
Auto Menus Pro Customize your pulldown menus. Well done.
Gregs Buttons It's not MUI, but it is the closest thing the Mac has to it.
QuickEditor QT Edit Deck. I assemble my Movies with this.
Amiga Sound Converter 8svx to SND
Graphic Converter Best overall shareware Graphics tool.
ValueFax Fax software
Shrink Wrap Disk Image tool
Monte Carlo Good solitaire card game
Render Cad Pro Rendering engine
Picon Generates custom folder icons
Split-it Good split and join utility
Icon To GIF Saves Icon images as GIFs
Mac FTP List HTML files of all the FTP/WWW sites for the Mac.
Epson Printer Driver Chucks printer driver. Most dot and ink jet printers.
Bubble View Similar to, but nicer than QTVR. Be sure to grab some pictures.


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